Andrew Lockman Web Developer Tasmania

Hi I’m Andrew Lockman a web developer in Tasmania, Australia.


Are you a business owner finding it difficult to keep up with competitors who spend loads of money on websites and social media platforms?  You do need to invest time and money but the key thing is to make sure you are doing the right things well.  By understanding your business, your problems and most importantly your goals we can advise and implement an online solution that suits you.

I have a passion for business administration and Software as a Service applications that make new online functionalities available to non-technical people.  But even this proves to be a challenge for many business owners who just don’t have the time to research options, learn the functional aspects and implement on their websites.

My blog shines the light on these and other website creation and management topics so I encourage you to subscribe to get articles in your email as they are released.

What stage are you up to?  I recommend that most business operators start with a preliminary Discovery phase but if you already have a website that needs modernising or want to add a functional component I would be happy to help you out.

Just need support?  If you think it’s time for a change we offer a full website hosting + care pack as well as support only plan to keep your website ticking over.


  • You know what you want from your website.
  • You are serious about your online business.
  • You already have customers but need to be online.
  • You have time to provide info for your website.
  • You have $ for website build and management.

Ask me anything via the webform and I’ll get back to you soon – Andrew