2019 web trends

What visual delights can we expect this year?

With 2018 now behind us I thought it would be interesting to look forward to what types of website styles and functionalities we can expect to see in 2019. To achieve this I’ve researched a few of the main web-design-centric websites from around the world to come up a few lists of what may (or may not) seep into our browsers in the next 12 months.

While some of the predictions may be outlandish and not suit every type of business it’s fun to see what is possible. The growth of page-builders in the WordPress CMS universe has enabled far more design opportunities for developers.

The Next Web

1. Broken grid and asymmetrical layouts
2. Fluid/organic design and elements
3. Nostalgic / Throwback / Retro design aesthetic
4. More enhanced/elevated image treatments
5. Monochromatic and absence of colour

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99 Designs

1. Serifs on screen
2. Black-and-white palettes
3. Natural, organic shapes
4. Glitch art
5. Micro-interactions

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serifs and natural shapes


1. Illustrations and more illustrations
2. Speed and accuracy
3. Mobile first
4. Interactions and animations
5. Page transitions

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What about your business website in 2019?

If your website needs a spruce up to fit in with 2019 trends or you need a new website please get in contact. I’d love to talk to you about your needs.