Mobile website design tips

7 Mobile Website Design tips

Mobile website design is crucial for business.

The percentage of internet users with mobile devices is at 80% and climbing. So that’s millions of people looking for products and services online with small screens. In order to satisfy potential customers, every business must make their site easy to navigate on mobile devices.

Besides being findable and fast, mobile-friendly sites should offer visitors an enjoyable experience. This is ideally done at the initially design stage but with site changes over time things can get out of hand. Perhaps it’s time to step back and look critically at your business website and make some improvements.

Many sites that have been online since before the advent of smart devices just won’t work with small screens. In your review focus on removing all obstacles and make sure users can reach their goals quickly. This is not a complete list of things you can consider but they will help to bring your mobile website up to modern-day standards.

7 mobile website design tips

  1. Don’t make site visitors have to zoom in on your content. Also ensure landscape and portrait orientation works well.
  2. Optimise the size of your typography. Use a modern easy-to-read font family and don’t use too many different fonts and sizes. The ideally font size for smaller screens is 14px.
  3. Add some space between elements on your pages. White space usage is a clever aesthetic design tactic but it is also important for functionality.  You must have good space between elements especially clickable buttons.
  4. While we are on buttons – make sure you get the sizes right. People have different sized fingers and thumbs so going large is generally ideal as long as it still suits the overall design.
  5. Ensure your navigation buttons are clear, easily activated and lead to the correct content.  If you have sub-menus that must be clickable (touchable) and behave in a way that makes selection easy. Also make sure there is a simple way for users to get back to your home page.
  6. One huge advantage mobile site users have over desktop user is the click to call function. Display your business phone number and make it clickable.
  7. Online forms work very differently on desktops and smart devices. Time spent testing and tweaking on tablets and mobiles phones will reap good rewards. Mobile users don’t have access to a traditional keyboard or mouse. Restrict the need for them to have to type by adding drop-down selections wherever possible.

How does your business website stack up?

So there’s 7 design tips for mobile devices – hopefully your business website doesn’t need attention to all of them. However there’s a good chance there will be at least a couple of things to fix. We offer a free review of business websites with a report outlining the top things that need more focus. Get in touch with us now to order your review.

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