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Your business website Footer section may not be as eye-catching as your Header, but it deserves careful attention for a range of reasons. Zoe Tame from Elementor writes that “Footers of the past were dumping grounds for miscellaneous links, but a solid footer is a gateway to further engagement. It can tell a brand’s story, create brand trust, and can often make the difference as to whether users engage with your CTA’s or delve deeper into your website.”

A good footer contains well-designed and carefully considered components, and getting it right can provide a strong foundation and hierarchy from which to design the rest of your website. Users look for footers, and no footer is too far away. In Zoe’s recent article she provides great advice including:

  1. Footer section essentials and how to avoid frustration
  2. Making the most of your brand
  3. How to get the layout right for your partucular business

Elementor has quickly become the most popular page builder for WordPress and while Zoe’s great article is targeted at web developers building sites for clients, the advice can easily be taken on board by DIYers as well.

Read Zoe’s full article on the Elementor blog.

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