towards mobility

Towards Mobility

The Internet is abuzz with facts and figures purporting that the world is moving inexorably towards mobility.  So what is the real story?

Well if you believe Google’s mobile path to purchase report which surveyed 950 consumers in the USA across 9 different verticals then the statement is true.

The study included Apparel & Beauty, Restaurants, Food & Cooking, Travel, Finance, Travel, Electronics, Automotive and Health & Nutrition verticals to assess how they researched purchases via mobile or smart devices. A major finding was the breakdown of where searches originated from. 

The question asked of respondents was – ‘thinking back to the last time you researched information about <your category> on your smartphone on which type of website/app did you begin your search?’

No surprise that Google Search (as well as other search engines) was the most common starting point, but the result was lower than for desktop which clearly demonstrates the dominance of branded websites and branded apps.

Search Engine – 48%

Branded Websites – 33%

Branded Apps – 26%

The message is clear that even if your site visitors still mostly land on your site via the desktop the day will come when they switch over so make sure your site is geared up for mobile access now.  If you’d like an independent assessment of your website please reach out.

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