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Time to review your website content?

Getting the content mix right from day one on a business website is extremely difficult. It’s not worth waiting to make things perfect straight away, so get started with what you have and prepare to make strategic changes over time.

How do you decide what to include?

If you are maintaining your own site it’s easy to make changes on the fly.  If you have a web developer it may be trickier but it’s your site so make sure you get what you want.  Sure, take advice from the professionals but don’t be a slave to the latest shiny objects if they aren’t furthering your brand, achieving your goals and providing good value to your visitors.

Try this. Push your chair away from the desk and take a look at your current homepage and ask yourself:

  • What do I want this site to achieve?
  • Who am I expecting to view my content?
  • Do I clearly understand what visitors are looking for from the site?
  • Does the navigation help or hinder?
  • Is the imagery consistent with the site visitor’s goals?
  • Am I asking visitors to churn through too much text?
  • Are elements on the page distracting away from my conversion goal?
  • Have I made it clear what action I want the visitor to take?

Your online business is hopefully going to be around for a long time so there’s sure to be things you get wrong along the way. Making changes to fix things are easy to do so don’t stress about asking for professional help if you need to.

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