Riding the wave on online bookings

4 companies riding the Online Booking wave

More and more online companies are offering online bookings.

Freeing up time to do more business is something all business owners want right?  One way many savvy small business owners are turning to is offering their customers the opportunity of booking appointments, services and facilities online and in their own time – 24/7.

Swimming Lessons

With summer in full swing, check out how Mermaid Aquatic School shows off the lessons they offer. From private swimming classes for children to an offer exclusively for senior citizens, they get their website visitors excited to make a splash upon arriving to their pool-themed website where visitors can book on the spot.

MerMade Aquatics School_site


It’s never too early to start preparing for the school year ahead. Learn a lesson or two from Mrs. Moore’s Centre of Learning where prospective students can book anything from 30 minute sessions to four hour time slots. Her template screams out ‘new school year!’ and will get anyone excited to hit the books.


Cleaning Services

Cleaning service provider, Spotless, sells itself by simply having a gorgeous website.Their private services are neatly laid out for a visitor to select; from a deep cleaning of your home to an added bonus of cleaning out your refrigerator, you can select a service from 30 minutes to three hours.

Spotless Best Housekeeping Solution_site

Personal Shopper

Always been the fashionista in your group of friends? Turn your skills into a business just like Amber Wilson did and offer a personal shopping or editorial styling service. With her full portfolio on display and a dynamite Pinterest profile for all to see, up and coming stylists can learn a lot from her website.

amberwilsonstyle _site



















Interested in joining the movement?  Enquire about how I can implement online bookings on your website or Facebook page.


Source: 10 Types of Businesses That Use Wix’s Online Booking System

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