Acuity Scheduling now with Memberships

Acuity Scheduling Moves Into Memberships

Taking payments for memberships now integrated in Acuity Scheduling.

News was released this week about a major feature enhancement from the Acuity Scheduling team.

Why schedule one-off appointments when you can have a client commit to a monthly plan? Can you say hello, predictable, consistent, reliable revenue? Here’s how it works!

Say you’re a coach. You go into Acuity and set up a subscription plan for two calls per month. The client books the 6 month plan—hooray!
They’re immediately charged the first month’s fee—and then automatically charged again the next month, and the next, month after month, for 6 months, without you having to invoice or bill them yourself. Their credit card is saved on file and it all works like magic in the background.

This new feature is currently in beta testing so for the near future existing paid accounts have the opportunity to get things going at no additional charge.  Once the testing is completed there will be a charge for recurring payments/memberships so now is the time to act.

Check out Acuity Scheduling’s Free 14-day Trial of this and their existing functionality.  If you need help setting things up (calendar, appointments, packages, coupons, payments etc) get in contact and we’ll get things going for you after you’ve created your account.

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