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Clients Want Online Scheduling

People are busy – they want online scheduling for all sorts of things.

Medical professionals have been offering clients the facility to make online reservations for some time. The cost for the integration is now so affordable there’s nothing stopping any business from getting in on the act.

Studies have shown that 90% of customers would, if offered the opportunity prefer to book meetings, appointments etc online an in their own time without having to speak to the business directly.

The advance of social media has trained many people in using the internet and apps to purchase goods so it’s natural to extend this to in-person services.

Some industries such as health, salons & hairdressers have specialised scheduling software applications available to take advantage of point-of-sale opportunities and required integration with other systems.  However there’s nothing to stop solo-preneurs and businesses with just a few employees from offering their clients online bookings.

It’s now possible to have the online booking facility integrated in your website within a couple of days.  There is a steepish learning curve for getting the implementation right but you don’t have to DIY. Any individual or business that offers appointments via the phone can save a load of time and hassle by implementing online bookings.  Some examples of appointments types that can be included are:

  • Personal appointments.
  • Training Courses
  • Tours and Events
  • Rooms and facilities.
  • Equipment Hires.

And it’s not just your own website these days – Many small businesses are taking advantage of Facebook’s ‘Book Now’ feature.  Any scheduling SaaS application that provide code can now be integrated right on your Facebook page meaning that your clients can interact, schedule and pay for their appointment with leaving the site.  Even for people who aren’t Facebook fans can’t argue that it makes good business sense to be where their customers are.

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