complex bookings

How to Handle Complex Bookings

A solution for businesses which need to handle complex bookings.

All service business owners know that while appointment booking may simply be using a book at the front desk next to the phone, it’s not as simple as sticking a person’s name on a calendar. There are several factors that go into scheduling appointments. You can’t just assume that the average appointment will last the intended duration for a variety of reasons so you need a system to cater for all eventualities.  Among the factors that go into scheduling are:

  • The availability of the particular staff member with which the client has a relationship.
  • The availability of required rooms (eg. fitness lessons) or vehicles (eg. driving instructors).
  • The services, classes, events to be provided.
  • The client’s scheduling needs (days of the week and times of the day).

Scheduling is complicated and done poorly will result in under-booking (lost revenue) or double-booking (poor client experiences). Many business owners who rely on appointments are concerned that the online software just isn’t built to handle these complexities.

Great news – online booking software has become very advanced. Online platforms like Acuity Scheduling  have been around since 2006, and gone through several stages of development and now offer membership signups and payments as well as product sales.  Think of it as an online store as well as a scheduling system where clients book with individual beauty professionals, driving instructors, personal trainers, mortgage brokers in fact anyone who relies on setting appointments.

There are loads of features but no stuff you won’t need for your business.  You will need to commit time to get to know all the ins and outs but if you don’t have time to DIY drop me a note below and I’d be happy to help get things going for you.

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