How To – Online Bookings Part 3

Online Bookings Part 3 – Getting Information from your clients.

Setting Up an Intake Form

Intake forms are a great way to have any questions relevant to the appointment answered before the client comes in (insurance information, allergies, etc). To create a custom form, go into the Intake Forms section and click Add Form. First, type in a Form Name and Form Description for your clients to see, then in the blue box where it says “Show this when clients schedule…”, select which appointment types you’d like the form to be asked for. From there just add the questions you’d like answered using the guides below. You have the ability to make questions mandatory to be answered by clicking the Required box. Don’t forget to hit Save Form!

Here’s a description and example of each question type:

  • Single Line of Text: This allows the client to answer your question with a brief one-line answer.
  • Yes/No Choice: Pretty straightforward, the client will answer your question with a yes or no.
  • Multiple Lines of Text: This allows the client to answer your question with an in-depth, multiple-lined response.
  • Drop Down List: A drop down list is great for a question with a set answer list, from which the client can choose one.
  • Check-Box Single: The client can select the box in response to your question.
  • Check-Box Multiple A combination of check-boxes can be done along with a Single Line of Text question if the client needs to select multiple answers.
  • File Upload: A file can be uploaded to a form from the client’s side (not the admins), this is done if a document, such as a résumé or an image, such as a screenshot, needs uploaded.
  • Address: The client can pinpoint an address on a map to confirm location of the appointment.

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In Part 4 we’ll be looking Setting Up Your Payments.

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