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How to have your Biz Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week.

For businesses that have an established website, offering online booking should boost appointments up to 25%.  There’s no comprehensive and independent study on the impact of integrating online scheduling but there are case-studies that point to evidence of benefits.

According to research 35% of people prefer to book online and want to be able to schedule appointments after business hours.  This doesn’t mean they want to book times in non-business hours – it means that they are so busy in their own work that they need to make their bookings when they are finished for the day.  This means that businesses need websites that offer the customer the facility to make appointment bookings online 24/7.  An additional benefit is that the time previously spent on the phone with clients can now be better used on work that brings in more revenue.

There are many good software services that offer a range of functionality.  This includes payment processing, integration with Facebook and 2 way synching with email accounts (among others).  Clients can also change their appointment time (still based on your availability) themselves at any time without having to phone your office.  Setting up is a little complex which is why we offer the service to small business operators who don’t have time however it is possible to DIY.

Things you’ll need before you start include: your calendar availability (days of the week and hours of business), email notifications, payment processing details, appointment types, cancellation policy, pricing, coupons and packages.

If you’d like us to do it all for you just send through your details and we’ll things going in 24 hours.

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