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Project feature: Derwent Valley Tasmania rebrand

In 2020, Derwent Valley Council embarked on a major re-branding initiative.  The result was an impressive library of graphical assets made available to local businesses for their own use. A brand-specific typographical font was also included for use in both print and digital formats. Also included where a colour palette and a range of ‘characters’ that depict the natural world of the Derwent Valley.

Along with the graphical library, font and colour palette, the For The People agency provided usage guidelines with the Derwent Valley in mind:

We know how lucky we have it in the Derwent Valley. It’s said we’re the best kept secret in Tasmania – which goes without saying. We reckon that’s because things here are that little bit brighter, taller, deeper, fresher, odder, gentler and sweeter than just about anywhere else you’d care to imagine. Some question whether this is all too good to be true… until they see for themselves. The purpose of the Derwent Valley brand is to help build awareness for visitors and build even more pride in our home. Telling our stories is an everyday occurrence in the Derwent Valley, and more people across the state and country deserve to hear them.

The Brief

The Derwent Valley Tasmania organisation have been promoting their tourism-based members since 2017. On the release of the new branding assets, the team acted quickly to refresh their website to be a leading light and set the mood for others to follow in the Derwent Valley by doing the following:

  • Recreate all content using the new branding guidelines which included bold slogans that conveyed the mood of the region.
  • Refresh the tourism business members promotional listings.
  • Redesign existing blog articles (and add several new ones) using a consistent look and feel.
  • Make their Touring Map available for online and offline use.

The Result

Using the guidelines provided by the designers, each page was recreated to take advantage of the typography, logos, characters and colours. Promotion of the tourism members was based on ‘Explore’, ‘Taste’ and ‘Stay’ with each presented with a featured image along with their contact information and links to their own website or Facebook page.

The Touring Map was displayed as a downloadable PDF.

The new design reflects the DV branding. Making every part of the website accessible from the main navigation menu has improved the user experience for site visitors especially those looking for tourism-related information on mobile devices.

Visit the Derwent Valley Tasmania website.

We have already assisted several Derwent Valley businesses to integrate at least some of the new DV branding assets. If you operate a business in the Valley and would also like to participate please get in contact with us.

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