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Project feature: nbn Digital Capability Tool

The team at The Evolved Group approached us to build a website on behalf of one of their major clients: nbn co, for whom they had already build a smart survey application.

In an increasingly digital world, being able to communicate online with friends and family, operate a device and store data safely and securely is critical. Therefore, they required a site to help their customers measure their digital capability and show them how to take steps towards further improvement.

The Brief

  • Following the completion of a survey, present clients with their digital capability persona.
  • Provide the ability to scroll through to view the different personas.
  • Each presona page to include access to a resource library to help them progress their digital journey.
  • Replicate the format style o the parent nbn co website.

The Result

Using the style guidelines provided by nbn co a standalone WordPress website was built to appear seamless to the main site but provide bespoke functionality to fulfil the process of information presentation following the completion of a successful survey.

Using a custom post type and dynamic presentation of data for each persona, the website displays each persona in logical sequence from Cautious Adopter at the lower end through 8 levels to Digital Leader at the highest end.

Feedback from The Evolve Group and nbn co has been very positive and they intend to develop the site over time to fine-tune the information and resources they provide to their clients.

Visit the nbn Digital Capability Tool website.

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