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colour palette

Top 10 Website Colour Selection Tips

Have you thought about how to use colour on your site? Before you decide on the visual style for your website take some time to review how some of the most popular sites are currently using imagery and the other key visual element of colour. Big companies spend a load of cash on market research

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Navigation No No's

Navigation ‘No-No’s’

Navigation ‘No-No’s’ – Presenting site visitors with an effective navigation menu instantly provides them with a guide to the type of content they can expect. Generally they see a Blog, Shop or Products page, About Us, Contact mechanism, perhaps a Search facility and others depending on the type of site. These are all standard navigation

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Just Pack What You Need

8 Questions to Ask about your Website

Imagine it’s vacation time and you are off on a family road-trip. There’s 3 of you with stuff to pack and limited space in the trunk of the car. It won’t all fit so something’s gotta give. It might end up being a compromise with the family but with a business website prioritisation is essential. How

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How is Accessibility Testing calculated?

Accessibility refers to how accessible a website is to people, particularly those with disabilities or non-standard browsers (such as mobile phones). This includes people with visual impairment such as colour blindness, long sightedness or blindness), learning difficulties and an inability to use a mouse or keyboard. As an example of what testing engines use to assess

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Everyone Sees My Homepage Don’t They?

No – don’t expect everyone to see your homepage first (if at all) Search engines index all your pages independently, which means that if a keyword entered by a user matches to one of your sub-pages they will go directly to that page. This should be a good thing as your sub-page should provide a

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know your audience

Who Have You Designed Your Website For?

Know your Audience. Building a website is a very personal thing and that means there are many traps you can fall into. A couple of potential problems are either developing the site for yourself or perhaps even worse is to develop it for everybody.  Who have you designed your site for? The most important consideration

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