5 reasons to use a crm

5 Reasons to Use a CRM system

Finding it hard to track your leads? Here’s 5 reasons to use a CRM system.

  1. It’s a place to store all of your clients’ contact information in one place. Keeping track of customer and lead information is essential to growing your business and maintaining a healthy client base. Customer relationship management solutions, or CRM, are more than just address books; they are powerful systems that allow access to contact information from each department and multiple employees.
  2. Every member of your team will be able to see the exact point when your business last communicated with a client.  This means that when someone in your Support teams interacts with a customer, they can see via your CRM who the sales rep was and any notes about issues reported previously. You can save a lot of the time it would previously take to place the client on hold while your support staff tracks down the right individual to help them.
  3. Nurture customer relationships more effectively.  As the lead turns into a potential investor or client, CRM software allows you to follow the customer through the sales funnel registering each activity as it occurs.
  4. Stored notes could be invaluable for future sales.  Notes will be saved and follow your new client during the rest of their interactions with your company in the future.  For example, a physiotherapist may refer back to the client notes in the CRM when that client books a session after not visiting the practice for some time. Instead of starting from scratch, the therapist can see via the CRM the previous history of this particular client to hopefully lead to a quicker diagnosis and treatment outcome.
  5. Provides tools and resources to give attention to investors, pay vendors, track employee workflow and much more. CRM solutions are priced by the number of users that access the program and through a monthly subscription.  Prices are generally scaled per user numbers because each platform is cloud-based, meaning the solution is hosted on the developer’s secured server and accessed online or through a mobile app.

Some suggestions for small business people looking for a CRM system.

  1. Salesforce
  2. NetSuite
  3. OnContact
  4. Act
  5. SalesNexus
  6. Maximizer CRM
  7. SugarCRM
  8. Workbooks.com
  9. Infusionsoft
  10. TeamWox


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