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Key Email Tactics for Startups

As more and more entrepreneurs are pursuing new-business-related opportunities globally, your startup needs a competitive advantage. Strategic planning gives your business the competitive edge you need. This includes the adoption of various tactics. which includes email marketing for your startup.
A well-designed and targetted email newsletter campaign is a cost-effective way for startups to increase sales and revenue. Today we’ll discuss how email marketing for startups is both an inexpensive and invaluable step you can take for your business.
While email marketing is important for startups and small businesses, it’s a must for all startups in order to scale quickly. Email marketing will grow your list of interested people and raving fans. It’s true that word-of-mouth leads are technically more valuable. This is because the evidence of trust has been provided by someone you have already served. However, you can’t rely on personal references alone in order to scale quickly.
Startups versus small businesses. Most startups seek extreme growth and fast. They target a mass audience and rely on investors funding. Small businesses pursue smaller scale but steady growth and appeal to niche audiences. Internal funding is the norm and often startup-like enterprises are commenced while the principal(s) are still in full-time employment. This poses a real conflict as there are only 24 hours in a day and serving two masters is hard.
So where does your business fit? Software companies or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses that want to scale and ultimately sell to a larger player are considered to be startups.  Conversely, the small business category is made up of B2B operations, bricks and mortar shops or online stores selling to the public.
Whatever your business, email marketing can help.

Prioritise the development of your email list

Some of the organic ways you can market your startup include publicising your good quality and super-engaging blog, strategic posting on social media (where your customers hang out) and email marketing campaigns. The key message is to make sure you plan your strategy by involving your team or seek expert 3rd-party assistance. Start with your goals in mind, monitor the progress and iterate quickly.

Email list campaigns outperform other marketing so this is why it’s #1.

Optimised blog posts are a great way to publicise and encourage people to share your information, but an email campaign gives you the control of exactly what people see and directs them to engage in the way you want them to.
Social media is a great platform to find your audience and interact with them to build relationships but it’s not the ideal place to push your sales messaging.

Growing your email list of qualified contacts is a ‘must-do’ and is possible for even the smallest budget. The success (or failure – but let’s not dwell on that) of email campaign marketing is highly measurable.

Drive revenue via Email marketing campaigns

Effective use of electronic newsletters enables consistent interaction and messaging to your list. It also provides an opportunity to introduce a sales funnel. When done correctly (not too salesy or pushy) your product/service offerings can be promoted and lead interested people into a sales funnel (fully automated) and move them towards signing up with you in a mostly hands-free way.
A lot of thought, preparation and testing are required to make sure all the components in the funnel are optimised and work correctly but once in place they are a very powerful mechanism. It’s recommended that you seek 3rd-party assistance to get your funnel setup but make sure you are involved in the process. This is so that you fully understand every aspect of what your list is being asked to do and what they have already seen before that final sales call.

Writing good copy makes a difference

It’s a fact that before people from your contact list convert into customers, they must first be prepared to read your messages and click on buttons to move forward. Convincing potential clients to open your emails, the content of the copy has to interest and hopefully appeal to them.
A good way to work out what is likely to work is to take a step back and understand what would interest you if you received such an email. What type of subject lines prompts you to open an email? A promise, something quirky, something you don’t want to miss out on etc. 
Using a CRM application such as HubSpot or MailChimp will ensure you get a higher delivery rate and have templates to format and style your newsletter to suit your brand. Using appropriate images in the newsletter helps as well but don’t overdo it.
Personalising emails is also a good idea and your potential customers will appreciate it.  Even though most people realise that newsletter emails received are probably mass-distributed, it’s always nice to have it addressed to them. Remember that you are trying to establish or develop a business relationship. 
In summary, whether you are a bricks and mortar shop, an online retailer or a software business startup these email marketing tactics are worth following. Driving revenue and growth for your company using email marketing can easily deliver results when implemented effectively. If you need specialist advice or hand-holding to get this going in your business please feel free to contact us.

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