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Social media channels for small business

Love or hate social media a lot of time is used browsing various social media channels.

Overall we spend more than 4 hours a day online and about 3 hours is spent browsing social media. Traditional entertainment like TV gets only 2 hours of our attention today. So if you are running a small business and social media marketing is not part of your marketing plan, you’re potentially missing a massive opportunity.

A key factor in determining your plan is knowing your niche or target demographic.  It’s very easy to pump out content but if it’s not targeted and not where your customers are (social media platform) then your messaging may be a waste of time and money.

The team at have put together a very informative article written by Julie Doubinski that covers questions such as:

How do you choose the best social media channel for your business?

Which would be the best social media channel to start with?

What’s next? How to get things going.

“There are hundreds of social media channels out there and new social apps are developed all the time. Before you choose the best social media channel for your business, think about the type of product your business sells and the type of audience you would like to attract. Who would be your ideal customer and how old are they? Do people buy your type of product every day or is your product designed for a very niche market with very specific interests? Would still images work for your product’s promotions or would your product look more enticing in action? Are you selling to other businesses (B2B) or to individuals (B2C)? Depending on your answers, the best social media channel for your business might be:
Instagram (to post visually enticing images of your product),
YouTube (to post videos of your product “in action”), or
LinkedIn if you sell to other businesses.”

Read the full story at Which is the right social media channel for my business? | WebCentral Blog

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