The guys at contacted us to seek advice on how they could make their online store look more professional to ensure that potential purchasers were comfortable to buy from them.  This also included designing a brand new log for the site and their future promotional activities.

The Approach

The dropshipping business already had professional images of their products which made the task of selecting visuals very quick and easy.  The main nut to crack was to design a store framework and build, test and launch the modern e-commerce back-end.

The business owners already had a site that they had tried to build themselves but after a couple of months they realised they didn’t have the time or expertise to make it look good and function effectively.  The option to recreate the site in WordPress was considered but the owners decided to retain their Wix account so the site was re-developed in-situ.  They continue to manage minor changes in-house.

The Result

After some modifications just before launch the new site was launched, the team at were very happy with how the revamped site looked and were confident that their marketing campaigns would lead to a rise in sales.  The main issue moving forward is to handle changes in pricing which they are managing themselves.


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