hiring customer service team

Hiring your Customer Service Team

Don’t just trust your gut when hiring.

If you are like most managers you probably just trust your gut-feeling when interviewing candidates for positions with your company.  The quality of your customer service team is key to retaining clients, up-selling and managing your reputation so you really need to hire the best people.

If you don’t already know the applicants or they haven’t been personally recommended you have to work through the pile of CVs and resumes, skimming through potentially dubious qualifications and over-statement of skill and after a couple of interviews, hire the best candidate based on what you think you know about them.

Nicereply.com have revealed that “If you’re using an unstructured hiring format, you can only expect the results to explain future work performance of the hire 14% of the time.”  

We should all strive towards 100% but that’s a long way from 14% so any help getting it right should be considered.  The key is to remove the lower rating applicants and spend time really focussing on the best set of candidates.

Take a look at the full article on nicereply.com.

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