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Every Website Should Have a Blog Right?

Should every website have a blog?

Well maybe not if the time, effort and expense put into it fails to result in meeting your website goals.  The chances that your blog will stand out from the rest is unlikely but that alone doesn’t mean you should decide against blogging.

Personal blogs are one thing but what about your businesses? Blogs are great to stand out from the crowd in a business niche. Proving your business is actively involved in the industry or have specialised knowledge builds credibility. So, again it comes down to effort versus payoff.

Writing is not for everyone.

and if you struggle with creating your own content you are going to hate having to do it on a regular basis. And if you hate doing something chances are the content will not be great quality and therefore not help meet your goals.

If you think your site definitely needs blog posts then perhaps you could get someone else to write the text. You will approve all content.  If you have an active client base invite some/all to contribute. Be careful though – this could be quite perilous. You need to curate submissions but it could lead to valuable feedback from your tribe.

If you are not sure that you want to start blogging try writing a post every second day for a month without publishing immediately. This will tell you if you have the discipline for regular writing as well as building up a backlog of posts that you can publish whenever you like. Just don’t write time-specific posts that might be too late or irrelevant when you eventually publish them.

Okay – let’s assume that you are committed to giving a new blog a try.

Robert Mening from has written a comprehensive article outlining “7 Steps to Having a Successful Blog”.

  1. Before you Start a Blog
  2. Pick a Blogging Platform
  3. Choose a Domain Name
  4. Get a Web Host and Set Up Your Blog
  5. Customize Your Blog
  6. Learn to Add Posts and Pages
  7. Build a Brand, Traffic & Passive Income

Check out Robert’s full article.


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