Digital Partner Program

Finding a web developer for your startup is not a simple task and the freelancer you select will contribute heavily towards the success of your project. Rather than just building a website we, as Digital Marketing Specialists, prefer to truly partner with clients to put in place end-to-end online marketing systems.

Startups need a developer/online marketer who:

  • has the demonstrated technical ability to get the job done
  • communicates in the way that works for them
  • understands that marketing only starts with a website
  • is prepared to work with other members of their team
  • provides ongoing advice and support

As Digital Marketing Specialists we like working with :

  • promising companies with a fresh approach to their business
  • startups with excellent product/service offerings that are highly promotable
  • principals with energetic commitment and open lines of communication¬†
  • enterprises with enough investment capital or bootstrap funding to get things going


We'll build your #1 online asset showcasing your products and services, fully integrating your marketing campaigns so that you get great returns on your investment.


We'll research on your keywords and undertake competitor analysis in order to set optimised content so that search engines rank your pages higher to get found quicker


We'll regularly publish your original articles and curate content from industry sources to value-add to your existing clients and bolster your authority so you will attract more customers


We'll design and operate your optimised sales funnel using contact lists and email marketing so that qualified leads convert to customers


We'll set-up your online store including the payment gateway of your choice, product images, pricing variations and reporting.


We'll ensure your website security and performance. Also, monitor Google Analytics so that you know how things are going and when to make changes