me hungry

Me Hungry – online food ordering platform

We’ve recently introduced our Me Hungry platform from our base in the Derwent Valley Tasmania. We support a range of business and non-profit organisation websites across 5 states of Australia including tourism, hospitality, retail, adventure, construction, business consultation and sports.

Now entering the food services industry, Me Hungry is designed to meet the needs of small to medium size providers who are keen to not only bring their businesses into the modern age of smartphone technology but also offer their customers a quicker and more convenient way to interact with them.

COVID-19 restrictions have seen this type of product offering expand across the globe and in many cases has been the main reason some food service businesses have been able to continue operating in challenging times. Consumers are willing, now more than ever, to use their computers and mobile devices to order online and make payments. There is no sign that this will change any time soon so now is a great time to get started.

Another reason that Me Hungry was created was in response to the ever-expanding cost of commissions charged by 3rd-party “food delivery” businesses. In any such transaction, more revenue is made by the delivery service than the food producer who creates the delicious product. Me Hungry believes that local people are already fully aware of the great food choices in their area and therefore don’t need to download an aggregator app from a delivery service that adds 30% to their meal choice.

Me Hungry vendors have their own platform that displays their menu and enables customers to select and pay online if they like to offer that convenience. There’s no need for a merchant account, the website and secure payment gateway handle everything automatically. The 2 main payment options are online processing (credit card or PayPal) and payment on delivery or pickup which takes advantage of the POS already in use by the business. For food box businesses or retailers other than fast food takeaways, subscriptions, direct bank transfer and independent invoicing are popular options.

None of the above is anything especially new and the big end of town has been using online ordering for many years.

If you operate a food service business and would like to start offering online ordering you can get started now.